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Our Mindfulness Runs Deep

Feel good about what you eat. From the depths of the pristine glacial ocean waters of the Patagonia to your table, we care for the environment, the people we work with, the people we serve, the fish we raise, the communities we work in, and the world. In essence, our mindfulness runs deep.

We are part of the Clean Production Agreement implementing blue whale watching and monitoring efforts in the Gulf of Corcovado.
Our production practices are designed to improve conservation of the local ecosystem and preserve the areas surrounding salmon farming operations.
Our fishing operations aim to protect the wild species and their habitats.
We are committed in all our operations to protect the sustainability of the species and theirhabitats.
We maintain a transparent process of sustainable development in three key areas: social, environmental and corporate matters.
We play a leading role in the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), which seeks real progress in sustainability and transparency in salmon farming.
Our sustainability efforts include caring for nearby communities, watchful environmental management, and maintaining the highest level of sanitary practices.
We have been named by Seafood Intelligence as Chile’s #1 Salmon producer for three consecutive years for sustainability and transparency.
We care deeply about natural resources and the environment.
We are very conscious about lessening the impact of our production processes on the surrounding areas.
We strive to create long-term solutions that preserve our surroundings for future generations, while creating value for current generations.
As part of our continued commitment to bring you the highest quality, most sustainable seafood, Pier 33 Gourmet has added Wild Argentine Red Shrimp to our product line. This wild fishery is part of a FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) which draws together fishing companies, the industry, government and NGO’s to help monitor and maintain fishing practices and management through a transparent and comprehensive approach. This research helps avoid overfishing of the species, protects nearby species ensures a thriving ecosystem.
We take great care and pride in the products we offer and have partnered with a world class company, Krustagroup to bring you the highest quality Wild Argentine Red Shrimp on the market. They have over 50 years worldwide fishing experience, their own extensive fishing fleet and just like Pier 33 Gourmet, extremely high quality standards.